Full Circle Yoga
Full Circle Yoga
moving the body and stirring the soul

When we practice movement, we live better. We sleep, breathe, and digest with less pain, more endurance, and less reactivity to daily stress. It’s a wonderful way to feel—to help your body re-learn fluidity and balance. It’s a revelation not just in-practice, but in life.


Reach. Move. Love.




We’re all busy and over-stimulated. The pace of life can wear us down. No matter what our life stage—new parenthood, a big career change, family stress, or retirement—the seeking of ‘wellness’ can feel like a language everyone else but you can understand. The good news: it’s not you. It’s the practice.

At Full Circle Yoga, we can help you learn to move in a way that organizes the body better for balance, strength, steadiness, comfort, accomplishment, and positivity. The question is not ‘this pose’ versus ‘that pose’, but understanding and appreciating the soft machine of our selves.

This is important and delightful work. When we’re connected to our bodies, we feel a sense of ease. Little breakthroughs of physical and emotional grace keep us on our feet. We experience the delight of feeling capable. We maintain our independence and our capacity for new things.

Welcome to Full Circle.


We offer private or group classes in Pilates, Let It Go, myofascial release, and Somatic movement in addition to Yoga and custom workshops designed to loosen and awaken the body. Our brand-new studio in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia is bright, beautiful, and your home for a new approach to feeling well.

Our workshops are suitable for people of all ages, flexibility, and experience. All workshops are one-month long sessions of four weekly 1.5-hour classes at $100/workshop.



Strength and grace finds its home in the core. In this workshop, we activate a rooted centre by strengthening the inner core of the pelvic floor, deep lower abdominals, and small spinal muscles of the lower back for greater all-body resiliency.



We carry a great deal of strain and stress around the neck and shoulders. With an empowered, connected seat for the head, we move with less tension and more ease in all of life’s endeavours: in practicing movement, or tending to life, home, and garden.



The feet are a hub that connects to the whole body. In this workshop, we detangle the tightness that leads to stiffness, plantar fasciitis, bunions and neuromas, with release techniques that not only feel exquisite but strengthen our muscles and our step.


Stand strong and stable by releasing the very large, often stubborn muscles of the hips. We use gravity and Thera bands to encourage this bodily giant to open and breathe, loosening for smoother mobility and joy in flexibility.



To release tension in the body, we can become translators. This workshop identifies the roots of chronic tension, combining methods of yoga, Pilates and Somatics to break through to a calmer, more softly-paced, more connected mind and body.


Self-care restores.

We pay attention when our bodies feel off-balance. We note the aches and pains, the stiffness, the fitful sleep or constant tension. Our bodies talk to us constantly, and we’re pretty good listeners—but what do we do with the information our bodies give us? Not many of us know what should come next.

This is the Full Circle practice: with a guide, you can learn to interpret your body’s signals to find your path to feeling better.


The Full Circle prescription to feeling well

Say hello to your body every morning, like Goodnight, Moon in reverse. Twist your torso. Bend to the side. Roll a small ball on the bottom of your feet.

Take the stairs! Walk the dog. Bend over to pick things up. Even the smallest task is an opportunity to move. Take it.

Your breath is a tool that can help you stay calm. Learn how to use it.

Do something every day that gives you rosy cheeks.

Drink water.

How do you feel about how you feel? Make a habit of reflecting on it.

Care for your mobility, your strength, and your good-body-feeling as you care for your teeth: consistently. At Full Circle, our short-format workshops are designed to enliven and inform you on your body’s biggest opportunities for adjustment.

  1. Observe how (and why!) things feel good or not-so-good

  2. Release unnecessary tension

  3. Organize your whole body to support movement

  4. Strengthen your flexibility and grace with a movement practice