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Upcoming movement education workshops

These workshops are suitable for people of all ages, flexibility and experience. They have been designed to restore your body in a healthy and painless way to improve your quality of life.

All workshops are one month long, 1.5 hours class each week, $100/workshop.




In RESTORE YOUR CORE you will learn effective and easily learned exercises to strengthen the inner core of the pelvic floor, the deep lower abdominals and the small spinal muscles of the lower back to help boost your core and how to breath efficiently for core activation.



Like other areas of the foot muscles get tight and do the job that other muscles are designed to do. This leads to foot pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions and neuromas. This class teaches release techniques with small balls and then uses exercise bands to strengthen the muscles of the foot, toes and ankles.



If you suffer from shoulder issues this workshop is for you. It will help you learn to move your shoulders with less tension and more ease. You’ll learn how to sense whether your shoulder blade is in the optimal position for doing yoga, Pilates or gardening, lifting weights or just reaching for something on a high shelf.



This workshop will teach you skills of how to notice and identify habits of tension in the body and then learn how to let them go. Chronic muscular tension is at the root of most chronic pain and dysfunction. Come learn how to release using methods from yoga, Pilates and Somatics.


This workshop will focus on releasing the stubborn muscles that often take over the job of the hip muscles and then activating the important hip stabilizer muscles through Pilates like movements using gravity and Thera bands.


How you move affects your quality of life.

  It is very easy to take our bodies for granted until either injury or aging creates the realization that we are challenged in knowing what to do to heal or fix ourselves.  Add to this the fact that we are at the mercy of others…. doctors, physical therapists and other health care providers… and it’s no wonder we become overwhelmed when trying to find the right fit. I am happy to tell you there is a different way.



As a professional athlete...

...who competed internationally as an equestrian in my twenties, I know how important it is to care for my body. That is why for the past 30 years I have been studying and teaching yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, Somatics and posture therapy. And now as a 62 year old woman, I love the independence I feel that comes from having a movement practice that allows me to feel confident in my body.


Mobility & Strength

I believe we all need a combination of mobility and strength skills that we practice consistently much the same way we take care of our teeth by flossing them. That’s why I created a system of workshops that are presented in short formats. Each is designed to teach you about different parts of your body. You’ll learn…

  1. how to feel how a joint moves (and you can learn the names of the muscles too if you want)
  2. how to release unnecessary tension that may be preventing the joint from working optimally
  3. how to organize your whole body so it can support the movement of that joint
  4. essential resistance-based strengthening exercises that can become part of your movement practice

Join us

Workshops will start in November in my new FULL CIRCLE STUDIO in Bridgewater. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive exact dates and keep updated with our offerings.

We also offer private sessions and classes utilizing Pilates Resistance Training, Let It Go, myofascial release techniques, and Somatic movement education.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your wellness goals.


Here’s to optimal health & movement!